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My Approach + Priorities

My Approach


  • I will focus on Family + Community when working through policies and issues affecting the District.

  • With my experience, I will bring to Council a diverse perspective and be a representative for all residents, including those living in the western part of the District

  • I will foster a collaborative approach on Council that will respect varied opinions and will help to make better, informed decisions for all areas of the District

  • I will partner with the Board of Education as they have a big impact on our sense of Community

  • To address the key issues, Council should focus attention on the implementation of the 8 Priority Actions from the targeted review of the Official Community Plan (OCP).

My Priorities


The District is experiencing many changes and challenges. I will help us to move forward while respecting the positive things that we love about living and working in the District.

I will work collaboratively with Council, First Nations, senior level of government and other parties to enhance our quality of life in the District by addressing these key issues:

  • Mobility: continue to advocate for rapid transit system to and from the North Shore and promote active transportation options.

  • Affordable & Senior Housing: focus on smart development in the 5 town centres and use appropriate District-owned land for rental housing.

  • Local Economy: ensure businesses and industry can thrive in our community by improving mobility and creating affordable housing options; a strong economy will create opportunities for all.


We need to focus on these priorities and, at the same time, ensure our actions address climate change, engage in respectful reconciliation, are fiscally accountable and build our community.

At the same time, we need to remember the things that make the District a great and safe place to live, such as parks, connected bikes lanes, dog parks, trails for all users and sports fields.

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